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Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Dogs Grooming |

Dogs Grooming – The Obligation of Every Conscientious Owner 

Dogs Grooming

History of dogs grooming dates back to Roman times, as testified by coins, monuments and tombs during the reign of Emperor Augustus, which depicted a breed poodle. Paintings, prints, tapestries and statues during the 15th and 18th centuries show us how the property of the European elite cherished poodles and other breeds of dogs.


The use of lard with the addition of essential oils that were made by the soaps, which are used for bathing dogs. Essential oils, which fed hair and skin via absorption through the skin and breath, have a pharmacological effect in the treatment of ailments in dogs.

The conscientious owner is aware that the arrival of a dog as a new member of the family requires you to worry about how nutrition and overall condition of the dog. Our time provide us with the market that offers numerous preparations for the care, hygiene and beautification of dogs.

What Should be Used When Grooming Dogs?


1.High-quality brush and comb are of great importance for long-haired breeds because it takes a lot of time that lasts at least from 5-10 minutes. Combing the dog hair will not create nodes that are painful for it and the dog will not scratch itself, which possibly can lead to undesirable consequences on the dog’s skin.

2.Choosing a shampoo and conditioner is also important, high-quality shampoo and conditioner will feed the hair and skin of the dog and will avoid dry hair and skin, which also irritates the dog and can lead to a loss of hair on some parts. Information how and at what intervals to bathe the dog properly and nourish you’ll get at any salon pet care.

Grooming dogs in salons should be carried out every 2-3 months for some breeds even less and can last from 1-3 hours depending on the breed and the natural state of the hair of the dog. If the hair is tangled, every dog groomer will try to resolve the issue in consultation with the owner of the dog.

Unfortunately, there are situations where no magic wand can solve the problem of hair tangling – instead, you have to very patient with your dog and comb it properly and slowly.

Dogs Grooming

Cooperation between the dog owner and groomer is very important since access to the groomer is sometimes very crucial. Sometimes is not really possible for you to comb your dog, due to lack of proper combs and tools so you need to take your dog to the groomer.

The groomer can give you also some advice on how  to comb and cherish your dog’s hair and what treatment to use. That is why it is important to have a good and skilled groomer who can help you with the problems of your dog’s hair. Otherwise, you could face totally unnecessary problems.